Thursday, July 29, 2004


Been Away So Long

Now on close to 3 weeks since I've been in Colombo. Have become very detached from life in general and forgetting about mundane things. Think it will be a mega shock to come back and discover Room Service and house keeping don't exist in real life. Just one more week to go. Then back to Delhi (Almost looking forward to that now) and hopefully sometime in Mumbai. Oh glorious glorious day

Friday, July 09, 2004



Apologies for not updating this post. Been travelling and it's also been a slightly insane couple of weeks. I will be away in Sri Lanka for the next 2-3 weeks so guess even that makes updates slightly impossible. Now that I'm done with the legalese on to the bleddy post

1. Why does the government put up Incredible India hoardings at the international departure terminal ? Do they just want to remind everyone about what a good time they had ? Better idea would be to put up a blog website where everyone can chronicle their India experience or even leave comments.

2. Sri Lanka is a incredibly beautiful place. Everything I ask for in a nation. Great beaches, green landscapes, incredible beer (3 Coins beer is phenomenal), lots of sea foood, cheap clothing, a currency which is weaker that ours (YES!) and of course cheap DVDs.

3. And on the last topic picked up some good movies. SHould enjoy watching HELP again on a great print.

4. The food is incredible again. Red Snapper was phenomenal. This time around will do a lot of experimentation with places.

And what is it about work that can make even cricket seem boring ? Here I am going to be on the ground during a series of matches with access to various things I could only dream about but because it's work I'm stuffed ? I have this feeling of vague disappointment at the fact that I won't be watching it on TV in ACed comfort. I'm growing old.

Friday, July 02, 2004


Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for not posting but life has been one long rush. Last weekend was spent amidst a billion relatives in Chennai and this weekend will be spent working in Colombo. Yeesh!

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