Sunday, August 22, 2004


Monday Morning

I am not a Monday morning person. In fact I am not a morning person in that I hate the thought of having to go to work. In sum I am a weekend morning person. ANyway good weekend and all that but made doubly good by the fact that I am in Mumbai next weekend. WOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!. And of course the Arse won a phenomenal game yesterday. Truly championship stuff. Game of the season me thinks....

Sunday, August 15, 2004


Bling Blang Bling

First of all - the title of this post means eff all. Just couldn't think of anything. Couple of things for this post - If this blog sounds like a place where I stand up and harangue the multitudes (And that does include the deviant bongoloid. Anyway it's good to be back in Delhi - Yeah I know. That also comes out reluctantly. Went to a nice little hole in the wall restaurant yesterday. Bernardos in Chittaranjan Park (The day I refer to it as CR or Chitto Park is the day I inoculate myself with a blunt gramophone needle against incipient Delhiitis or as the locals pronounce it Dillitis). Good goan food. Liked the fish but hated the fact that sorpotel was not as sour as I like it. And surprise surprise no solkadi or bebinca or dodol. Hmm is that a plus or a minus ?

Sunday, August 08, 2004



Good to be back. I Knew I was back when the man at the airport went shouting past Transit Passengers. Never had that experience at any of the 3 other airports I went to. So got back with lots of DVDs and guests in the house. God knows what tomorrow will bring...

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