Wednesday, October 26, 2005



Today is the day that I got the complete Calvin and Hobbes. Considering that I've lost all the calvin books twice over I plan to make it a strict rule that it does not leave the premises. Ah what bliss it is to be reading Calvin. Also as a aside got the new Asterix. Lots of asterisks. Not a patch on the earlier ones. Stuff like Asterix is what makes me support cloning. Now if this was the product of Goscinny and Uderzo and not just Uderzo it would have been much better. But to me the real heroes have been Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge. They are what make Asterix truly enjoyable. So cheers to the creators of Getafix,Unhygienix and Fullyautomatix.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Nothing in particular

The last few weeks have seen me do quite a bit of travel. Some of it to Mumbai. Its fairly weird when I go home on short notice and then have to rush back. Doesnt feel like a trip at all. I mean yes there is oodles of fish and the occassional Irani visit but I need to spend a weekend at least before the body registers it as a mumbai visit. On other things there was a minor little earth tremor here. Quite scary while it lasted. Been my second near earthquake and I wonder when my luck will run out. Yesterday went to this place called Cocoa by Belgique. Cheery little place. Took Croissants and some buns for home. The Croissants were stale and hard the buns were bad. Wonder why would someone set up a place like that, charge extortionate rates and then serve effed up food. Come on.

And one significant observation made yesterday. Mumbaikars fight like crazy for their city and its virtues but Delhiites never seem to want to stick up for their city. Wonder why and also when will some one put me out of my misery here.....

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