Monday, February 20, 2006



For a long time I was extremely ambivalent about the Ipod. While generally being wowed by the design and coolness of the bleddy thing the price was a big -ve. The rational Tam Brahm part of me (Which I am surprised to find exists) felt that paying 16-18k for components which should not cost more than 8k was appalled. But having been gifted a used Ipod (40 GB 3rd Gen if you must know) I now find myself thinking about tweaks. The first thing I want to do is up the capacity. Technically speaking I should be able to swap the hard disk with a higher capacity one. Anyway the point is I've become fascinated with something I had no use for till being gifted one. Sort of like a bad television program or those infomercials or the God channels which I end up watching. Suppose it's the almighty's way of screwing my happiness.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Beginning Of The End

I really do seem to have a pathetic existence. The biggest excitement in my life is the mega Star Wars comics set I am getting and the fact that I might get to watch "Fun with Dick & Jane" tomorrow. So caught as I am between Jar Jar Binks and Jim Carrey and the fact that I am excited about this. Yeagh ! I really do need to break free. What next ? Getting all het up about a TV show marathon or really beginning to care about the weird denizens of the Delhi Times and HT City. Save Me. Somebody please please please please save me.

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