Monday, November 29, 2004


Long time no blog

The urge to blog seems to decrease as it grows colder. The winter season is upon us. One of the 2 months in the year when Delhi is bearable is over. Pity it gets spoilt by Diwali. I do of course make it a point to avoid Delhi during Diwali. Am now at a crossroads of sorts. It looks highly unlikely that I will get any interesting or challenging work other than what I am doing or even that I will be payed a obscene sum of money to make the work bearable (Unless of course the ICC wants to recruit me)so for the forseeable future I am to all purposes stuck in this city. So should I do the near treason of actually buying a apartment ? The enormity of the decision is such that I keep postponing (Of course the fact that I am broke also helps). Is this the psychological block which keeps from learning driving ?

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