Friday, April 28, 2006


Diana - Come back all is forgiven

Diana I miss thee, let me count the ways. Why oh why do I not get any comments from you ? My ego desperately needs the boost surrounded as I am by 4 foot nothings who have nothing better to do than to hurt me. And also make me work which is even worse.



Trying to recover from the shock of not getting Ras Malai makes me contemplate leaving work. Suddenly having to commute a hour each way to work makes me wonder. Whatever happened to my rule of never working at any place more than 15 minutes from home ? Whatever happened to me now that I get ready by 8.30 ? Whatever happened to my principle of never actually working ? Its all a sign of my inevitable decline in the belly of the corporate beast. Currently my innate laziness is at war with my innate desire for comfort. Its quite interesting actually and someday my innate pervert might actually write about it in this blog.

That might be a great reason to quit actually. Imagine instead of saying leaving for better opportunities, more challenging blah blah You get something that says I am leaving because people don't get me Ras malais. Sort of like the Big Mac Index the economist hast

Friday, April 14, 2006


The Service Economy

Having been forced to now commute to deep dark Haryana (Yes the dreaded Gurgaon Office shift hath happened) I've experienced the nightmare of every yuppie. Being forced to change the mailing address of the cards and magazines and et al. In spite of being a relatively high spender (no snickering in the back there) the call center experience is still horrendous. Why in the world do all banks assume that you have nothing better to do while waiting than to being told about all their other wonderful products. And can they please hire some semi literate people. I mean what do we poor Indians have to put up with ? Everything I learnt I learnt from Rapidex English Language book graduates ? Oh all right I'll get off my soapbox. And being a true net devotee I regret to report that sucks. I had a relatively trouble free booking experience but to do a change in the booking was a nightmare. I had to do it offline with the airline since the makemytrip number was busy even at 3am. Carn folks what do u expect people to do ? Wait around on hold forever. This is the service economy so start serving already. Worldspace - You're next.....

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