Sunday, February 20, 2005


Spam Spam Spam Wonderful Spam

A random analysis of my OE Deleted Items has generated the wonderful fact that I received about 800 pieces of email over the last 4 days. Out of this 800 about 725 odd have been invitations to re finance my mortgage, sell me Viagra, Make my erection more potent. The incredible thing about this is that there was not even a single invitation to watch incredible young college/cheerleaders/housewifes perform. Whatever happened to porn ? Is the internet also getting gray and middle aged ? In the days before the great collapse I used to average at least 20 invites of this type ? Am I no longer attractive even to the purveyors of Internet porn ? Carn Guys I'm 34, Single and Indian. Target me for chrissakes ? Make my spam filtering interesting.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Weddings & All That

Attended a wedding yesterday. Spent a hour going there. 30 minutes at the wedding. About 2.5 milliseconds with the bride and groom. And A hour coming back. Remind me again whyever in the world do people have receptions ?

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Sant Valantaheens Day

The day dreaded by men worldwide is upon us. Men have to keep proving that they truly madly/deeply/passionately love. The no. of occassions this happens in a year is truly amazing
1. The better half's birthday
2. The anniversary of their wedding if they happen to be married or worse still the day they first met if they are not
3. The parents anniversary - The womens of course. In case of the man's it's a miracle if he remembers the day
4. The parents birthday - See above
5. Any siblings birthday - See point 3
6. Assorted weddings of the family - See point 5 to read about point 3
In most cases the man is dragged off to these occassions (Except point 1) to spend a
evening (If you are truly unfortunate a day or even a weekend) in complete hell. He then becomes a object of ridicule to his bachelor friends or sympathy to his married friends. His married friends of course pray like hell that their wives don't pick up the idea.
I dont deny the fact that if you are married you deserve all this and more (Remember the part about in sickness and in sorrow) but I get depressed at the fact the women get off so easily.
All the guy gets in return is a few nights out with the boys which no sensible woman would want to attend anyway and a few missed dinners because of either the boys or work. Dammit Men - Make them work harder for this.
And on this subject would I be smart enough to avoid this ? Of course not. I'm a guy whaddya expect ?

Sunday, February 06, 2005



The annual festival is finally over. 2 US local teamps competing for the right to be called the world champions of all american teams. It got more coverage than normal in the Indian papers. Given a choice between watching boring cricket and watching a 1 hour game over 4 hours I think i would just about prefer cricket

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Gloom and Dreary

Gunners lost yesterday at home. Were outplayed quite comprehensively. Can this be the same side that won 49 straight games ? Being such a side which runs on confidence god knows what his godliness the Wenger is going to do. Why do I feel it is going to be a long 4 months.....

Tuesday, February 01, 2005



Tonight sees my beloved Gunners take on the dastardly mob of Red Devils. Considering that this is at best a scrap for second place in the premiership behind the moneyed lot at Chelsea I dunno why I have so many butterflies in my stomach. And my TT is improving beyond recognition. I am now officially Tier 1.5.

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