Sunday, February 20, 2005


Spam Spam Spam Wonderful Spam

A random analysis of my OE Deleted Items has generated the wonderful fact that I received about 800 pieces of email over the last 4 days. Out of this 800 about 725 odd have been invitations to re finance my mortgage, sell me Viagra, Make my erection more potent. The incredible thing about this is that there was not even a single invitation to watch incredible young college/cheerleaders/housewifes perform. Whatever happened to porn ? Is the internet also getting gray and middle aged ? In the days before the great collapse I used to average at least 20 invites of this type ? Am I no longer attractive even to the purveyors of Internet porn ? Carn Guys I'm 34, Single and Indian. Target me for chrissakes ? Make my spam filtering interesting.

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