Monday, May 31, 2004


And For those who wanted to know

Yes it definitely is love and not indigestion. I suddenly find myself pining to see her face. Given a choice between Pomfret and her (God forgive me for this) I would choose her


Confessions Of A Ferrari Fan

I've been following Ferrari and God ever since the early days when the only thing keeping Ferrari in contention was God. Over the last 3 years it's been boring to see God and Ferrari dominate F1 so completely. Yesterdays race was the first one I was able to see after missing out the last 2 races (I was in the jungles where TV does not exist so there). But after the 6th Lap I switched off and decided to just watch paint dry. That was so much more exciting than the bloody race. I like all my sports teams to have a element of unpredictability sort of like living on the edge. This boring consistency makes Ferrari seem Swedish or German instead of Italian. C'mon Guys where's the soap opera ? ANyway here's my suggestion to Bernie - Let God race in a Ferrari streetcar against the rest of the lot in their billion dollar boondoggles....

Sunday, May 30, 2004


Delhi and other hick towns

What do u know I might actually end up writing this blog regularly. I'd gone to this lovely place called "The Big Chill" - awesome desserts and okay food. Delhiites have this extremely weird habit of noting everyone I repeat everyone who walks in and out. I'm sure if Delhi had something like a Irani no one would go there. For a place in Delhi to happen it has to be either ridiculously expensive or be written about. If it's both then it is completely happening as far as Delhi is concerned. But then I mustn't complain too much since I finally laid my hands on "Fever Pitch". Ah My Sunday's made. Incredibly brilliant movie and Incredibly brilliant book. BTW I think I'm falling in love or it must be something I ate. I guess i will know tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


First Pass the Post and all that

Ok. Now I've started blogging again. My last blog was no longer true to my life so decided to shut it down. Funny how life keeps taking you to places you wish you'd never been to. Delhi and Chennai are two that come to mind. Of the lot though Delhi comes slightly above Chennai in my preference list. At least there is a bloody winter here instead of a slight nip in the air between 4:00 and 5:30 am in end december. Thats the Chennai winter for those who need to ask.

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