Thursday, April 28, 2005


May Day May Day

These are the times which try a man's soul. The heat just sucks you dry. Blessed am I to sit in this ACed bliss. Can someone look at building a temple to the man who invented the AC ? I'd gladly contribute. And on another note my food obsession with Mumbai has reached new heights. Last time around I picked up icecreams and got them to Delhi. But truth be told there's nothing close to Natural's icecreams in Delhi. Completely yumlicious. And on Mumbai my trips there seem to come in lots. For the 3rd consecutive Friday I will be in Mumbai. Hope this does not mean a long hiatus......

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


The Mumbaispora

Reading in the papers in the past few days about the Pakistanis who've come to India to see their ancestral what nots and how they're enjoying the food got me thinking. Is there a similar support for Mumbaiites ? The way things are going in Mumbai you'd soon be needing a visa to get in. Going to Mumbai after a longish break (3 months plus :() was a major shock. The traffic was insane and in general there seemed to be a lack of zest. It was a majorly short overnight visit but this is a cause for concern. This will have to be explored this weekend when I am there for 4 (FOUR/QUATTRO/NAANGU/CHAR) Whole days. Yipppeee. Oh yeah in case the bulb hasnt gone off yet the longish introduction was to flaunt this fact. But I do think that the idea of a visa for Mumbai has some merits. Will at least enable us to keep certain people out.

And on that topic does there exist a Mumbai expat group in Delhi ? The kind of people who actually miss the morning local ride or the share cab jostle at VT ? Interesting thought that.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Freud ?

A few of this Blog's readers (2 of them and I am surprised that I have so many) have commented on the fact that I am writing rather a lot about marriage. This of course leads them to the natural conclusion that I am itching to be married. I don't think so but then perhaps this is a Freudian glimpse into my subconscious which is desirous of doing all the Tam Brahm things.

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