Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Au Revoir Mumbai

Having spent the best part of 5 days chilling in Mumbai after eons. Viz. No work/No relativity/No functions/ No nothings it was a bit of a shock to see how things have changed. Is it me or is Mumbai losing all the things that make it Mumbai. One by one the Mumbai icons that I identified with are going. The Iranis are in decline, Cafe Naaz has shut down and there seem to be pleximalls galore. (You know what I mean - ex cinema theatres that are now malls with a token cinema centre. Even god is not safe. All the temples with character are now looking like sort of religious malls and a prime example of that is Siddhi Vinayak. Used to be a temple where I wouldn't mind going (inspite of not having too much faith in Tuesday shit)but the temple now looks like a one stop religious mall. Really don't see Mumbai being Mumbai but soon be YATMC (Yet Another Totally Mega City - Tchah ignorates). Folks Enjoy it while it lasts before it becomes another burbopolis. It already is showing signs of the same with Burbanites not knowing anything about South Mumbai and of course South Mumbaiites not knowing anything beyond Haji Ali - Morons.

And of course you still catch things which give you hope. Pomegranate Srinivasans daughter thoroughly enjoyed lunch @ Brittania. In a surefire triumph of the Iyer taste and culture genes over the Iyengar ones she completely tucked into the pulav, sali boti and the fried bombil. Rare to see a sub 10 year old enjoying quality food v/s the standard McDonalds crap.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Big Deal on Career street

Having been content to drift along in life I suddenly find myself wondering what in the world am I up to. I was content to do whatever I want to do but now in the corporate rat race I do find that I have to play the game. This habit of not playing the game is hurting. Tough decisions are what are needed and I wonder if I am tough enough for the same......

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