Thursday, December 14, 2006


Anyone for Ennui ?

While I attempt to think of a nice title for my new blog on life in Mumbai (YESSSS!) a quick post here. Yesterday went to drop mother dear off for a train. Walked outside my building @ 10pm ish and caught a cab off the road. No grumbles or issues. Landed at station and got Rs. 2 back as change. Dropped mom off and then took a train back @ 11.30 ish. Was walking back home when a cabbie who'd seen me years back picked me up and dropped me home. He refused payment saying he was going the same way. Isnt Mumbai wonderful ?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Thinking Thinking Thinking

Aaagh would you believe it I am actually dreading the thought of moving back home. The thought of Mumbai is completely cool. I really miss having my own personal space since it will back to Mom and Bro. Also this is probably the first career move I am making where the monetary aspects are more exciting than the learning curve. Still can't reconcile myself to the fact that I'm selling out. Feel like a bloody bull at a cattle fair. (Yeah Yeah look like one too).

Ok on the blog front plan to start one on my food experiences in Mumbai. Whatcha think ????

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