Sunday, July 16, 2006


Italia Italia Italia Not

For any soccer fan the happenings in Serie A would be of great interest. Juventus apparently could not only select the team that would be on the pitch but also the referees. Interesting point - Sort of like Chelsea can behave live a spoilt brat and buy every decent player in the world. Anyway having completely deviated away from having any reference to Dilli or the bloody NCR lets get back on message. Gurgaon has to be amongst the 10 worst places ever to have transport. Each place is like yonks away from each other and getting around is a bleeding nightmare. Really really really now have to learn driving and also buy a car. SHUDDER. Hate to say anything positive about Delhi but getting around was slightly easier there.....

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Gurgaon Bore Ast

Apologies to the 2.25 people who have been complaining about me not updating this blog. (The 0.25 person - You know who you are and please be happy I am rating you by size and not as a human being). Anyway been a hectic sort of 3 months. Work has been too much with me and in the middle of that has seen me become a very vocal yokel. I am now a inhabitant of the great burgeoning massopolis of Gurgaon. I wonder what next now - Will it be me actually buying a house here ? Heard all sorts of things since its now been close to 3 years. Also should I change the title of this blog to Confessions of a very reluctant Gurgaonite ? Rather like the word Gurgaonite - brings to a mind "Kryptonite" which makes Superman weak but in this makes just makes a grown man weep. Anyway quick update on life over the last 3 months. Moved office to Gurgaon, rejected 2 job offers (One of which was in MUMBAI), Contemplated suicide (especially after rejecting the Mumbai offer), Went to Germany to see the world Cup (More on that later) and still not made a move towards losing weight.

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