Saturday, December 11, 2004



The letters MS mean the company that makes huge bloatware for PCs to many. To me and perhaps to a few others MS means MS Subbulakshmi. MS was perhaps a integral part of my upbringing. A constant image of my childhood was the sound of "Suprabatham" being played in the early morning. "kausalyasuprajarama!purva sandhya pravartate,uttistha! narasardula!kartavyam daivam ahnikam". While I still don't have a clear idea of what the lyrics mean it's been great comfort listening to me when I'm troubled. Evokes a host of memories about a more innocent time and a more trusting me. MS also in a way invokes a era when being a performer was all about your talent and not about the way you marketed yourself. No Page 3 articles or huge interviews about what your music means to you and your identity. In a way just listening to her sing and seeing her get completely lost in her music was reward enough.

M.S. - You are the best.

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