Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Main aur mera PS2 aksar batein karte hain

One more in the long list of frivolous indulgences. i went and bought myself a PS2. The sheer catharsis of blowing up lots of things in stunning graphics and sound is immense. Having done several late night sessions my neighbors might not feel so inclined. Anyway highly recommended purchase. Now if only I can get that bloody timing right I might actually make it past the first level. Any recommendations for games ? Donations of games also highly welcome. A trip to Palika is on the cards but right now waiting for the World Bank financing which is now necessary before I make such trips.


Gates You There Gates You Everywhere

One of the papers in Delhi is doing something called "Dilli Dilwalon Ki" which IMHO is completely untrue. "Dilli hai gateon ki". If someone does a survey I'm sure they'll find that Delhi has so many Gates that it puts Seattle to shame. (Sorry Sorry couldn't resist the Microsoft pun)Anyway here are the number of gates I go through on the way home.
1. The Kolony wala main gate
2. The Block wala main gate
3. The Lane wala main gate
4. Building wala main gate
5. Staircase wala gate
6. Finally mera gharwala gate.

Why the heck does this place have so many gates ? I think it's a plot by the security agencies. With so many gates and at least 1 security guy per gate imagine the revenue potential for them. Worth thinking about that

And on a different note which of the papers would it have been ? Can't be the Times of whatever the Times is upto since its now become completely unreadable. Must be the Hindustan Times.

And now suddenly it looks like a Gurgaon shift is imminent. Bad enough that I live in Delhi now I have to go and exist in Haryana ? Why me.....

Thursday, March 09, 2006


At the Crossroads

Lots of important decisions coming up over the next few days. Sort of getting Life, The Universe and everything feelings sorted out. Anyway hope to have some momentous news soon. Perhaps could even mean the end of this blog. Being inspired by Arsenal actually making it to the Champion's League Quarter Finals is really something. Of course the money I am collecting from my bets is also something. Not too much but still something is better than nothing. Its been a weird Ides of March. Finally am down to zilch balance on almost all my credit cards. Take that CITIBANK Nyeah Nyeah Nyeah.

And this posting is so so so completely true of the way I feel

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