Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Long Live The Republic!

It makes me wonder what kind of people send each other greetings telegrams like that. Its there in the list of phonograms inside every phone directory. Do Goverment departments greet each other ? I bet there is a designated employee who's only job is to ensure that such things happen. Deeply depressing. Anyway.....

Also on a slightly more comic note pressing the next blog link took me to this blog

Thursday, January 13, 2005


0 Raised To 10

Here I am sitting in front of this monitor and cant think of a topic to write. Delhi continues to suck big time. Sandy and Kamal visiting next week look to be the highlights of my year unless I take the step and get married. Wonder if I will ever get the courage to commit or will I just wimp out and get into a arranged marriage. But the thought of coming back everyday to a empty house is beginning to grate. Even Music and Grass are beginning to pall. Perhaps I am building a immunity. Jeez the one thing that makes life worthwhile and I build a immunity. And in a completely pointless end to this pointless post - GO THE MARATHA WARRIORS!!!

Monday, January 10, 2005


Happy New Year

Yay! The first post of this new year. Hopefully the new year will be far better than the previous one. The last few weeks have been spent in frantic travel. But the travel has been to Mumbai which is always therapeutic. Plus of course there was the film shoot with Tendlya, Viru, Zed and the tall lanky one called Nehra. Funny how spending a day in the studio with such cricketers makes me feel eligible to get over familiar with them. On another note read this blog Quite funny and by a misguided soul who supports the Chennai Veerans. Go Maratha Warriors !

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