Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Chennai Musings

Having just come back from a unnecessary kerfluffle in Chennai I feel somehow weirded. Chennai really hasnt changed since I went there the last. Things remain very much the same. No major constructions and I think I had the same conversations that I had the last time around. But Chennai does have a completely incredible sight which I havent seen anywhere else in India. It has a New Yorker's without a crowd of Gujjus waiting outside at dinner time. I'm still too stunned to actually comment. Further astonishment was furnished by seeing people in sweaters and monkey caps when the temperature was a hot 26-27 degrees C. Its cooler than Chennai's normal 35 in winter but not that much colder.

And on other things I was struck by the curse of the disappearing post. Having been guilt tripped into visiting a formerly close friend and her child on my last vacation in Mumbai I was struck by how domesticated people can be. Lots of purple stuff on the child and its amazing ability to pee and be frightened by crackers but unfortunately God hates criticisms about miracle children. Its a tough job being the sole unrepentant bachelor in a sea of couples and increasingly childrened couples.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Goal and other sports movies

Having just watched Goal the movie I don't quite now how to react. While I quite like having the idea of a good sports movie which is not US centric I do find it quite banal. Its nice and has all the right things in the right places but it does have everything in it which is very American. So weirdly enough it is a Hollywood movie about something which Hollywood has no clue. Dunno if that makes sense. And having seen the movie can someone please tell the guys @ Adidas to lay off on the branding and the celebs. Having seen flashes of Zidane, Raul and Beckham on screen and the three stripes I did feel compelled to rush out and buy myself a pair of Nike shoes in protest.

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