Saturday, July 30, 2005


Save Water Cut A Tree

Read an article (an - Trupti please note correct grammar) in the paper today about Trees and water. Apparently the age old logic of trees being important for water conservation is untrue. Trees waste more water than conserve them. Hopefully somewhere in the world today is All Fools Day.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Mera Bharat Mahan

Having just come back from a trip to Singapore I begin to appreciate India a lot more. Don't get me wrong - Singapore is like a model city. Clean roads, great food, good shopping blah blah but it just does not have the flavor which India has. For me the charm of India is the sheer unpredictability of life here. I like the fact that I have to have a conversation with the auto driver and the fact that he inflicts his choice of music on me. I also like the freedom which India bestows. A Office in India is a living breathing thing not rows and rows of cubicles with inmates in them And how come is it that Mustafas is filled with a million desis shopping @ 1:00 am ? Singlah!!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Work is Worship ?

At what point does work cease becoming work and become a job ? Increasingly I look forward to a crisis because its something new and alleviates the monotony. My fear is that at some point I become addicted and create crisises for the heck of it. Yeesh. Anyway at some point during yesterday evening I became completely bored. DIdn't want to watch a movie, read a book or vegetate in front of the TV. Decided to start exploring the M concept. Perhaps the fundamental thing would be that I'd be forced to do stuff becoz the bitter half wants to ? Hmmmmmmm

Friday, July 01, 2005


Hey Where You Been ?

Having been away from this blog for way too long my apologies to those who come by to check if I got off my butt and refreshed this blog. Will try and be more regular but then hey you know how it is. Anyway onto more interesting (hopefully) things. Yesterday I went for one of those comprehensive health check up thingies. AFAIK everything is normal. But still there's this feeling I have that somewhere they're going to cut me off from the things I love. I mean if they say that I can't visit Mumbai anymore what happens ? Something to do with my lungs and pollution eh ? I know its fairly insane but is a ounce of checkup worth the kilos of restrictions it might bring ? The worst case scenario is that I might drop dead but then that again is no big deal except for my pall bearers. Poor suckers.

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